Why Goldberg Law v. LegalZoom?

  1. Goldberg Law is an actual law firm based in Houston, Texas, practicing in Texas with attorneys that are responsible for the finished product sent to you. LegalZoom is a nationally based online service with templates drafted by an unaccountable individual whom you will never learn of.
  2. Our wills have been tried and tested in Texas courts and have been upheld time and time again. LegalZoom’s have been rejected by Texas judges as failing to comply with basic requirements under the Estates Code and common law.
  3. Further, we are here to answer legal questions and are answerable to you. LegalZoom’s disclaimers make it clear that their forms leave you on your own.
  4. Finally, with our guidance, notaries and provided witnesses, we will ensure that the legally required protocols are followed so that your Will is enforceable.


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